Nominations invited for Jim Quigley Skerries Volunteers Award 2022

Volunteers are the glue of our community!

Every year, Skerries Community Association awards a prize to an individual or a group of volunteers in appreciation of volunteering work they have done for Skerries. 

Your nominee can be a young person, an adult, or a group – the only thing that matters is that they are deserving prize winners!

Please submit your nomination and supporting text with the reasons why you would like this person/group to get the award so that the judges will be in a position to make a fair decision. Please bear in mind that the judge has to make his evaluation on the information in your nomination so don’t hold back on detailing the reasons and citing evidence of your nominee’s work and achievements.

Nominations to reach by 5 p.m 22 July 2022.

Who was Jim Quigley?

He was a champion of community development; a larger than life personality who was a dreamer and a doer; an idealist and an activist.  Jim was born in 1942 and grew up in Toomevara, County Tipperary.  He attended school firstly in Nenagh and then Mungret College, Limerick.  After moving to Dublin he worked initially in the bar trade and subsequently in sales with Eir (then Telecom Eireann).  In 1970, Jim married Brigid Carolan and shortly afterwards the couple came to live in Skerries, purchasing their home in the newly built Hillside Estate. He started up the residents’ association there and joined the SCA. He drove the huge community effort needed to get the Community Centre funded and built and was for many years chairperson of the Association.

To read more about him and see previous winners of the Award visit

Last updated 5th July 2022

The 2020 Jim Quigley Award

Michael McKenna, Chair of the Skerries Community Association, writes: Last Monday, 19 October, on the day of the 2020 Skerries Community Association AGM, I had the pleasure of presenting Ronan O’ Callaghan with the Jim Quigley Volunteer of the year award for 2020, on behalf of the Association. Ronan was given the award for “his exemplary initiative and proactivity in starting the community response in our town” in setting up a volunteer group response group here in Skerries at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic.

After considerable arm-twisting Ronan accepted the award with the words ”All I’ll say is  I just hope I’m making it clear how the Skerries Volunteer Group was in every way a team effort that literally couldn’t have been done without many volunteers, and you can kick me if I ever say it wasn’t. I want to specifically say that others did the same share of work, especially in getting the concept out there. It’s an example of how people are willing to do to help when needed.”

Well said and fair enough Ronan, but you were the one that kicked it off.

So who was this Jim Quigley guy anyway?

Jim Quigley came to live in Skerries with his wife Brigid in the late 1970s, purchasing their home in the newly built Hillside Estate. He joined the local residents association and was drawn to the Skerries Development and Community Association where his involvement lasted 22 years. Jim was Chairperson of the SDCA (now SCA) for ten of those years and worked on many, many projects.  Perhaps the most visible legacy of his work in Skerries is the Community Centre. His skills in community building came to be recognised further afield and he became the first full-time President of Muintir na Tíre in 1994. He was proud to be named Tipperary Man of the Year in 1999. Jim died on the 29 August 2001. We remember him and celebrate his life’s work with an annual award. You can read more about him here.

Skerries Covid Community Response Group

When Ronan started the Response Group last March, he was quickly joined by other individuals and groups and together with voluntary services such as Meals on Wheels, they delivered a valuable service to those confined to their homes. 

Leaflets were printed (with the contact numbers for the group) and delivered widely in Skerries. Volunteers were registered and many of them Garda vetted. Google groups and WhatsApp made it possible to respond rapidly to requests in a way that kept personal information private. As local businesses geared up to meet the demand for home deliveries, the need for the volunteer service lessened and the group was able to wind down operations after some months.

It is great to know that there is a reservoir of people out there who are ready and willing to give their time and energy to making life better for others.

Jim Quigley Award 2018: SYSS

THIS YEAR the Jim Quigley Volunteer of the Year Award was awarded to Skerries Youth Support Services (SYSS) for all their work over the past three years with the young people in Skerries.

The award was presented by Skerries Community Association (SCA) chairman, Geoff McEvoy, on September 3 and was collected by JP Browne and Dave Beatty on behalf of SYSS.

SYSS, is a youth-focused community organisation that supports the local young people through the challenges many of them face. It provides information and services on positive wellbeing, including mental, physical and sexual health, and personal safety. Central to its purpose is to raise public awareness about mental health and to encourage conversations amongst all generations of the community in an open, honest and trusting way. Through these conversations the remaining stigma around mental ill-health will be addressed, finding its way towards a position of acceptance. Since its launch in 2016, SYSS has produced an information booklet titled: “Myself, My Life” and has circulated over 15,000 copies in Skerries, Balbriggan, Rush and neighbouring towns. The booklets offer information and service contacts relevant to a range of issues often encountered by teenagers and young people, such as depression, sexuality, and bullying. SYSS has also facilitated several talks within Skerries and is currently in the process of establishing a clinical youth support worker for young people.


Celebrating our Volunteers – Jim Quigley Award 2017

Skerries is very lucky to have so many volunteers.  These people volunteer regularly in so many different ways.  You only have to ask once and people volunteer to help.  All their efforts make a big difference to the quality of life in the town.

Every year Skerries Community Association gives you an opportunity to nominate any individual or group that you think deserves an award for their work.

Please take few moments to nominate someone or some group that you think deserves an award.  It is essential that you write a paragraph saying why you think that they should get the prize as the judge is outside the town and does not know the individual or group and is dependent on your description.

The prize will be the annual Jim Quigley Award which will be announced at the AGM on 8th September 2017.


Please send your replies to mary.conway@[this domain] or leave it into the Community Centre addressed to Skerries Community Association before 31st August.

Congratulations to Kay Coleman, Volunteer of the Year 2015!

The annual Jim Quigley Award for Volunteer of the Year allows the Skerries Community Association (SCA) to acknowledge a local volunteer (or group of volunteers) and give them well-deserved recognition for their work.
This year, the award went to Kay Coleman of Skerries Chamber of Commerce.  Kay was presented with it at the SCA Annual General Meeting in Skerries Community Centre (Little Theatre) last Friday night (11 September 2015).

Kay Coleman, Skerries Chamber of Commerce, receiving the 2015 Jim Quigley Volunteer of the Year Award from SCA Chairperson Geoff McEvoy

Kay Coleman, Skerries Chamber of Commerce, receiving the 2015 Jim Quigley Volunteer of the Year Award from SCA Chairperson Geoff McEvoy

In his introduction to Kay’s work, Geoff McEvoy, chair of the SCA, stressed her long involvement with Skerries Chamber of Commerce and mentioned how Kay is instrumental every year in arranging the Christmas Lights and the St Patrick’s Day Parade.
He said: “This award is a long overdue acknowledgement from her friends, colleagues and community,” and read out excerpts from the many emails the SCA had received on behalf of Kay in the process of finding the right person for the 2015 Award.
Martin Scully, President of the Skerries Chamber of Commerce, commented: “For the past 20 years Kay has been a major part of the Skerries Chamber of Commerce.  She has worked tirelessly through all projects, always with her love of Skerries as her driving force.  We at the chamber can’t think of a more deserving candidate for this award.”
In her heart-felt acceptance speech, Kay stressed her love for Skerries and her joy in seeing so many improvements in our town over the years, through the efforts of local people.

Kay joins a long list of previous winners of this prestigious award, which is given in honour of Jim Quigley, a long-time champion of community development.  Jim was involved with Skerries Development and Community Association (as it was known then) over 22 years; he was Chairperson of the SDCA for ten of those years and worked on many, many projects, including securing a Community Centre for our town.  The annual award is a very fitting way to honour Jim.