Report of Skerries Community Liaison Committee Meeting October 2015

Tuesday 6th October 2015 – 3:00pm at Prosper Fingal, Skerries


Cllr. David O’Connor

Cllr. Grainne Maguire

Cllr. JP Browne

Cllr. Tony Murphy


Jane Landy – Skerries Community Assoc.

Geoff McEvoy – Skerries Community Assoc.

Paula Marry – Chamber of Commerce

Ann Doyle – Skerries Tidy Towns


Ann Murphy – FCC

John Hartnett – FCC

Aileen O’Connor – FCC

 The meeting was chaired by Councillor David O’Connor

  1. Minutes of meeting held on 23rd June were agreed

Issues Arising

  • O’Connor updated the Committee regarding the proposed Skerries to Loughshinny walkway.
  • Browne informed the Committee that the 2016 Triathlon may try to tie in with the 2016 Skerries Water Festival. He also commented on the need for improved communication between parties regarding the organisation of future events.
  • Geoff McEvoy raised the issue regarding the request for winter storage for boats belonging to Skerries Rowing Club.
  1. Blue Flag update

Ann Murphy outlined the process involved in attaining the Blue Flag and also informed the Committee the reason Skerries lost its Blue Flag was due to 2 individual incidents in 2014.

The Committee queried how and when Skerries could expect to get back the Blue Flag in the future. They also wondered if Milverton Quarry would affect the water quality when it was operational.

Jane Landy asked if it would be possible to contact George Sharpson with a view to recommencing local bathing water quality testing again.

  1. Skerries Town Park update

Aileen O’Connor gave an update on the work that had already been completed and the work that was yet to be done.

Jane Landy requested a written update so it could be put on their Facebook page.

  1. Skerries Town Plan (to include Traffic & Road Safety)

Geoff McEvoy suggested a coordinated approach between Fingal County Council and the Committee is taken in relation to issues of traffic and road safety in Skerries. Instead of individual issues being addressed it might be better to take a holistic approach to the issue.

It was agreed that Fingal County Council would provide the Committee with some maps of the town on which they can hi-light the areas and issues that they feel could be addressed using this approach.

  1. Tidy Towns 2015 – Review

Ann Doyle gave a brief review of the recent Tidy Towns results. She stated that the Tidy Towns Committee were very pleased with the results considering the large number of entrants. She said that for 2016 Skerries needed to come up with a project – maybe something in the area of waste minimisation. She also passed on her thanks to Fingal County Council for all of their assistance.

The Committee passed on their congratulations to Ann and the Tidy Towns Committee.

  1. Strand Street Seating

Fingal County Council said that they would give consideration to a proposal to put a small number of additional seats on Strand Street. The Committee undertook to check with businesses and residents regarding the possible location of these seats prior to presenting Fingal County Council with a number of potential sites.

  1. Provision of additional disabled parking bay on Harbour Road

Ann Murphy said that the Fingal County Council Traffic Engineer would carry out an assessment of the area but that the addition of a disabled parking bay would be done in consultation with the Gardaí.

Councillor O’Connor made an enquiry regarding the uptake and use of disabled parking bays in the town. The Committee said that they would look into this.

  1. Irish language usage (signage, etc.)

Ann Murphy reported that Fingal County Council are compliant with the legislation under the Official Languages Act. She informed the Committee that all Councils have until 2026 to be fully compliant under the legislation.

During the discussion Cllr. Tony Murphy noted that Malahide will pilot a project to standardise shop fronts and signage.

Cllr. O’Connor proposed and it was agreed that this issue would be discussed at the next Skerries Community Liaison Committee meeting as a Headed Item.

  1. South Strand Cycling

Ann Murphy reported that the current signage was the most appropriate for the area and that there was no need for additional signs or to change what was there.

Jane Landy thought that the current signs were still confusing to the public and that something should be done to make them clearer.

Ann Murphy suggested that a sufficient period of time should be allowed for the public to get used to the new arrangement on South Strand. She also suggested that the Committee could reinforce this using their newsletter and also social media.

  1. AOB
  • Jane Landy informed the Committee that Kay Coleman had recently won the Jim Quigley Award for Volunteer of the Year award. The Committee wished to pass on their congratulations to Kay on the award.

The above is the report as circulated by John Hartnett, Fingal County Council, on 12 October 2015.