Skerries Sustainable Energy Community Initiative (S-SECI)

The Skerries SECI has been set up as part of the wider Energy Communities program by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. The program is set up to help engage and enable a local community to reach sustainable energy goals.

From the SEAI Website

The Skerries SECI captured ideas and feedback from the local community and with the help of a mentor formulated an Energy Master Plan for Skerries which describees specific projects that the community want to achieve. The Skerries SECI and local community will now work to apply for available grants and alternative funding to help complete the projects.

You can find out more about the Sustainable Energy Communities programme at

And this is the Energy Master Plan for Skerries:

If you are interested in joining the Skerries Sustainable Energy Community Initiative and want to know more, please write to Skerries SECI chairman Michael Mullan-Jensen at

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