Vision of Skerries Community Association

The following vision was devised and agreed by the Directors of Skerries Community Association in March 2003.

 We want to:

  •  Safeguard and enhance all that is good about our community and environment
  • Support local effort to get the best quality of life possible from the community and environment
  • Foster community spirit i.e. appreciation, care of, pride in our community and environment


All who live in, work in or visit Skerries now and future generations

We will do this by:

Initiating, facilitating, communicating with and supporting customer groups in a professional manner

Our style of working:

  • We communicate effectively;
  • organise ourselves effectively and efficiently;
  • we are adaptable and approachable, willing to learn and share our knowledge with others;
  • we plan strategically;
  • we are creative and innovative;
  • we are open and inclusive.

We will do these things by working with:

Customer groups (see below): Committees, members, public bodies, and groups to whom we have an affiliation/representation.

Subject to:

  • Availability of our own time and expertise
  • Legal constraints and local authority regulations
  • Funding availability
  • Co-operation of other parties

Customer Groups

We refer to our “customer groups.”  Here is how we categorise the different groups:


Committees are those groups for whom we are legally responsible as a company.

As of November 2015, they are:

  • Skerries Community Centre Board of Management
  • Skerries Tidy Towns
  • Crann Phádraig
  • Skerries Soundwaves
  • Skerries Cycling Initiative
  • Skerries Rás Stage End Committee
  • Skerries Guerrilla Gardeners
  • Skerries Town Twinning
  • Sustainable Skerries
  • Skerries New Little Theatre Committee
  • Skerries Skatepark Committee
  • Skerries CoderDojo
  • Skerries Age Friendly Committee

Some of these committees go back a very long way and some are more recent. Almost all have a director of the SCA involved but some do not.


Membership is open to anyone over 18 residing in the Skerries electoral area.  It is free of charge.  We currently have about 800 members. (2003)

Public Bodies

These include state organisations with whom we need to work/communicate in pursuit of our vision and supporting programme:

Groups to whom we have an affiliation/representation

SCA Corporate Documents: Vision and Customer Groups 2.0 
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