AGM 2016 Flyer

The 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Skerries Community Association will take place on Friday 9 (!) September in the Little Theatre, Skerries Community Centre from 8 p.m.

Our pre-AGM leaflet containing a review of our committees’ activities is being printed right now and should arrive at every household over the next week or so.

Why not become involved yourself?!?
a) Attend the AGM.
b) Come half an hour early for our community fair, where committees & others will have information for you – and where there will be refreshments & opportunities for chats. (Fri 9 Sep, from 7.30 p.m. in the Little Theatre.)
c) Do you know someone who would be a good addition to our Board of Directors? Someone who has the community of Skerries at heart, who would be great at working with our committees for making Skerries an even better place? Then persuade her or him to go forward and become a Director! See below for how.
We are particularly looking for people with understanding / knowledge in one or more of the following areas: Accountancy / Finance / Insurance / Facebook Pages / Websites / Twitter

A personal word:  The last thirty or so months that I have been on the Board of Directors were very fulfilling. The SCA is a great place for everyone who enjoys working on projects (as much or as little as they have time!) and cooperating with a bunch of very interesting, committed people. I am standing down at this year’s AGM and can only say that I will miss working with them. A lot.
All the best to them & you,
Sabine (McKenna, Director 2014-16, Secretary 2015/16)
Please see the graphics below for all information.
The flyer (screen shots below) will be circulated to all Skerries households before the AGM, and will also be available in the Community Centre.
agm 2016 notice 1 agm 2016 notice 2

agm flyer 2016 1 agm flyer 2016 2 agm flyer 2016 3 agm flyer 2016 4 agm flyer 2016 5