Guichen 2015 EU Report

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The project « 2015-1196 “To build Europe, young citizens are taking on projects- let us support them!” was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme “Europe for Citizens”  
Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1 “Town-Twinning”

Participation: The project involved  250 citizens, including 54 participants from the city of  Skerries, Ireland

and  21  participants from the city of Srem, Poland.
Location/ Dates: The events took place in  The Canton of Guichen,in Guignen, Laillé, Guichen, Bourg des Comtes and St. Senoux from 16/07/2015  to  21/07/2015
Short description:

4/07/2015 – 25/07/2015 – international youth camp, including six teenagers from Skerries and six from the Canton of Guichen.  The project involved the design, planning and construction of a shelter in the skate park in Laillé.


The day of  17/07/2015  was dedicated to events to mark  the contribution made by those who took part in WW2 to the development of the Europe we know today – a guided tour of the war graves in the cemetery of Rennes, laying of wreaths, and visits to retirement homes to speak with WW2 veterans


The morning of 18/07/2015, included a visit to WW2 exhibition and a lecture on the contribution Poland made to the WW2 effort in France. After lunch, we attended a Symposium on the role the EU played in the reconstruction of Europe since 1945, and a talk on how French school children are being taught this history through games and classroom activities.  During the afternoon we visited the International Youth Work Camp in Laillé.  In the evening we took part in the re-affirming ceremony of our twinning treaty with the Canton of Guichen


The day of 19/07/2015 was dedicated to a meeting of our two committees and an afternoon exploring the heritage of the area, including  workshops on traditional skills


The day of 20/07/2015 the Irish visitors travelled to Nantes while the Polish visitors travelled to St. Malo/ le Mont St. Michel.