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Skerries was the overall winner of the National TidyTowns Competition 2016.

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Since then we have continued to win the County Award and Gold Medals in the competition. See the medals displayed on the back wall in Floraville.

Skerries is a beautiful town in which to live and Skerries Tidy Towns Committee continue to be inspired by the natural beauty of the town. 

The following projects were completed with the support of Fingal County Council

  • The central island along Balbriggan Road was landscaped to compliment the beds in the town.  The hard landscaping reflects the waves in the sea and is interspersed with seaside planting.  
  • The large floral planters went out in the centre of the town for the summer.
  • The area on Pump Lane which housed the refurbished water hydrant was upgraded at our request
  • An anchor has been installed at the Dublin Road entrance to the town.  The anchor originates in Skerries harbour from the days of sail.  It was in a strategic position in the waters of the harbour for ships to use to steer the bow of their ships seaward as they departed.  The anchor was rediscovered and removed from the harbour some years ago. It speaks of our town’s historic and distinguished seafaring past. It has now found its rightful place, home again in Skerries.
  • Fingal County Council planted 30 additional trees along Barnageeragh Road and a further 20 on Harrison Bay Road.
  • Skerries TidyTowns, with the help of residents reporting sightings, have  almost eradicated the invasive species Himalayan Balsam from the town.

Projects we worked on as a committee in the past few years.

  • Our Wildlife Initiative, outlining the dangers facing our bee population was very successful.  We offered three free pollinator friendly plants to residents for their gardens.
  • To prevent the need for single use plastic water bottles we are encouraging businesses in the town to register for the Tap Map.  Many of the coffee shops already fill bottles with tap water for no cost.  We hope these businesses will put a sticker on their window to let peopleknow water is available. We are hoping some of the clubs and bigger shops will install water fountains. 
  • We ordered keep bottles with the TidyTowns logo. Shops in the town are selling them at cost price to further reduce the use of single use plastics.  Our bottles are made of lightweight steel with a blue outer finish.  They keep water cool or indeed can be used for hot drinks also. We hope they will be as successful as our reusable coffee cup which we previously launched
  • We planted the wild flower bed along the Dublin Road.
  • We painted the railing around the big mill pond

Our on-going work programme

  • Each year we sponsor awards for the best kept premises in the town.
    • A local estate agent Kelly and Co. sponsors “Best Kept House and Garden” in an estate.
    • Our “Best Kept Estate” competition is sponsored by Skerries Community Association.
    • The Progressive Credit Union sponsors the Best Presented non Estate House and the Best Floral Display on a Business in the Town
    • Best Presented Business in the Town and Best Window Display is sponsored by Skerries TidyTowns

All houses, estates and businesses in the town are automatically entered into the Competitions.

  • We adopt a Do Not Cut Yet policy on our approach roads and wait until the dandelions bloom and die before we cut them
  • We  keep the approach roads tidy but not manicured to allow for wildlife habitat. They are now cut twice a year. Hedgerows on approach roads are cut yearly before nesting.

  • Many areas in the town are planted with slips from resident’s gardens. 
  • We re-launch the Adopt-a Patch initiative with the support of our local SuperValu supermarket.  We have 62 adopted patches.
  • We keep the windows of empty premises clean. With permission we offer to do some minor work on them.
  • We remove graffiti as soon as it appears.
  • We clean road signage annually.
  • All bins along the main streets and promanade are cleaned by voluntees.
  • We paint the public seats, the harbour railings, the water hydrants and many other public structures in the town with the support of other groups including the Mens Sheds

Forward Planning

  • Our Heritage Trail is to be updated and erected on panels in the town. These panels will give information on:
    • The Fishing Industry in Skerries
    • Skerries Carnegie Library
    • InishPatrick
    • Holmpatrick
    • Martello Tower
    • Skerries Harbour
    • The Old School Dublin Road
    • Kybe Pond
    • Skerries and Motorcycle Road Racing
    • Tourism in Skerries
    • Farming in Skerries
    • History of Skerries Embroidery

The Skerries Tidy Towns Committee meets fortnightly from September to April.  From February to October there are organised work parties each Monday afternoon.  We meet at 2pm at the old fire station on Quay St.

If you would like to know more or become involved:

Self-Guided Walking Tours

Skerries Tidy Towns have published a number of self-guided walks. A wildlife trail through our town called Safari in Skerries. Two others which you can also see on the website are Slí na Sláinte, a 4km signposted walk around our town, and the Historical Trail.

The information panel entitled ‘Holmpatrick Graveyard—a description‘ is available to download using this link:

Skerries TidyTowns is strongly committed to the protection of the environment, enhancing and maintaining the town’s character and working towards a sustainable future for the town.

We acknowledge the great contribution the residents and businesses of the town have made to the success of Skerries in the National Competition.

Page last updated on 7th April 2021.