SCA Summer in Skerries Submission May 2021

Summer in Skerries Project – Submission from Skerries Community Association


Skerries Community Association ( welcomes the initiative from Fingal Count Council to restore part of the Harbour Road area to “promenade” status.

It will mark the start of an extended pedestrian way beginning just past the disabled parking bays at the Sailing Club slipway, leading to and around Red Island and then onto and along the South Strand, creating a unique and varied walking route for resident and visitors.  

This recovered public realm space will enable people to move along it while enjoying views of the harbour activities and sunsets.  It will be particularly welcome at busy times by people in wheelchairs, those using mobility aids and parents with children in buggies who would otherwise have to weave through people congregating on the footpath on the other side of the road.

Historically, the space along the railings (inside and outside) is used by people to gather and socialise, sometimes drinking, sometimes not. Even with the introduction of additional outdoor seating outside pubs and restaurants, this is likely to continue and will need to be managed to ensure that the pedestrian way does not become impeded by people occupying the promenade’ walking space. A public perception that the freed up area is dedicated walking space not gathering space with respect for walkers/promenaders rights will need to be embedded from the start.


The provision of waste disposal receptacles on this side of the road to avoid materials ending up in the water will be needed.

Safe crossing points 

The safety and comfort of pedestrians along this stretch would be enhanced by the provision of marked crossing points. A clearly marked and visible crossing near the public toilets is particularly needed.  The provision of a marked crossing point near the disabled parking bays at the slipway is also desirable. 

Residents carparking.

The removal of car parking at this section is likely to create an inconvenience for residents of this area who have been able to park their cars along this stretch. We suggest that their needs can be met by allocating spaces on the opposite side of the road adjacent to the Sailing Club carpark.