Reports from Skerries Community Liaison Committee March 2015


AttendanceCllr David O’ConnorCllr. J.P. BrowneCllr. Grainne Maguire

Jane Landy – SCA Rep.
Pat Reen – Prosper Fingal

Ann Doyle – Skerries Tidy Tows

Kay Coleman – Skerries Chamber

Ray Ryan – S.C.I


Cllr. Malachy Quinn, Geoff McEvoy S.C.A.,

Martin Sweeney – FCCAileen O’Connor – FCCBernard Kenealy – FCCAnn Murphy – FCC

John Hartnett – FCC

Meeting held on March 24th 2015
Town Park, Skerries – Update

Aileen O’Connor reported that the Council put the plans for the Town Park on public consultation requesting submissions from the people of Skerries.

As part of the public consultation, 53 submissions were received. All submissions will be considered in the preparation of a report that will be presented to the elected members at the Balbriggan / Swords Area Committee Services B meeting in April.

Skerries to Balbriggan Cycle Route – Update

Martin Sweeney provided an update to the proposed Skerries to Balbriggan Cycle route. There has been a lot of work carried out to date and lands have been acquired for the project. Although a portion of grant funding has been awarded by the N.T.A. the overall delivery of the project is reliant on further funding being provided. This funding has not yet been identified.

Fingal County Council will look to seek approval from the elected members to commence the Part 8 of the Planning Act & Regulations in relation to the scheme which will include the preparation of detailed drawings and costings and a public consultation period.

Signage on Promenade on South Strand

The Council will be placing signage on the promenade on South Strand restricting cycling on this pathway over the coming weeks. The signage is being installed as a direct result of cyclists who are not having regard for other users, especially elderly and mobility impaired users.

The signage will be placed at either end and at all entrance points on the track. When the signage is being installed, a press release will issue to local Councillors, Skerries News, Skerries Cycling, SCA etc. It will be emphasised that these measures are being taken to address inconsiderate adult cycling on the pathway, and it is not the intention to restrict or prohibit young children from cycling on the pathway.

Sit Down on Strand Street

The Committee members again discussed this difficult issue and have recommended that one of the benches be repositioned on Strand Street. This recommendation is being evaluated by the Operations Department and hopefully work can take place in the coming weeks.

Special Works Programme 2015

The elected members recently adopted the special works programme for the Operations Department. The following works relate to the town of Skerries;

Restoration  Improvement  2015 – Road Reconstruction

Thomas Hand Street, Skerries          300M             €75,000

Restoration Maintenance  2015

Convent Lane, Skerries (MO)            200M             €28,000

Millars Lane, Skerries (MO)               200M             €20,000


Footpaths and Drainage works –    Millverton, Thomas Hand St, Strand St & Millars Lane       €44,000

Traffic Management Schemes

Skerries Dublin Road between roundabout and

Townparks Distributor Road Junction        €23,000

Parks and Open Spaces

Skerries      Cormorant Bed                       €8,000

Kelly’s Bay path                                       €5,000

St Patrick’s Day Parade

The Committee wished to thank Kay Coleman for her help and involvement in this year’s parade.

End 28th March 2015

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The Liaison Committee is an informal meeting of community groups (including the SCA) and Fingal County Council officials. The committee meets four times per year and any resident of Skerries can request for a topic to be discussed.

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