Become a member of Skerries Community Association

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Membership of Skerries Community Association (SCA) is free, and open to all over 18s who are living in Skerries. You must be a member of the SCA if you want to have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting, or to be able to become a Director.

Skerries Community Association is a limited company, and in the case of the dissolution of the SCA, all members would be liable to a maximum of €1.27 each. (one euro, twenty-seven cents – prior to the introduction of the Euro, the sum was one Irish pound, which was then converted to €1.27). Signing up as a member is an indication that you accept this liability. See the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association for details.

By the way, membership of Skerries Community Association is not the same as being on the list for our Newsletter or Newsflash. Anyone can subscribe to our newsletter and our daily Newsflash; only residents of the Skerries and Holmpatrick Electoral Area can be official members and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Data Protection: Your name and email address will only be used for administrative purposes connected directly to your membership of Skerries Community Association (such as invitations to the Annual General Meeting). They will be safely stored and not shared with anyone.