Skerries CoderDojo

A monthly Coding Club for Skerries kids.

Digital Literacy, the ability to not just use computers but to understand how they work, and to write your own computer programs – this is what coding for kids is all about.

In mid-2014, Skerries Community Association helped set up a free monthly coding club for interested (future) coders age 7 to 17. Regular Dojos take place on the second Sunday of every month. Join our Google Group to keep informed and to be sure to know as soon as the tickets go live on Eventbrite! While the tickets are free, they need to be pre-booked every month. It is likely that they will all go a number of days before each Dojo…

Coder Dojo

logoYou may have heard about this movement which started in Ireland a few years ago and has spread world-wide. It still is strongest in Ireland. CoderDojo is an open source, volunteer led movement orientated around running free not-for-profit coding clubs (Dojos) for young people. Dojos are set up, run by and led by volunteers. Typically, children bring a laptop and a parent (who’d stay for the duration). They are mentored by people who work in the industry and / or have a coding background. For more information, the website is a good start!

We are always happy for new volunteer helpers / organisers / mentors to join us – If you are in any way interested, please be in touch!

Champion (Chairperson): Gavin Killen
Treasurer: Máire Goldsmith
Facebook Page: SkerriesCoderDojo
Google Group: SkerriesCoderDojo on Google Groups

News about CoderDojo: News Category CoderDojo on this website.


Thanking our sponsors.

We are very grateful to RazorSocial, a Rush-based and internationally-known website that evaluates and writes about social-media tools, for sponsorship covering the rent for the venue for six months.

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