The Skerries Community Association Ltd. is an umbrella group comprising many committees, made up of several hundred volunteers, devoted to making the quality of life in Skerries even better.

In legal terms, the SCA has the structure of a Company Limited by Guarantee. We are, of course, not-for-profit – but we still must comply with all relevant legislation and requirements for companies.

Our board of fifteen directors has the same responsibilities as that of a Board of Directors of any company. In addition to these duties, directors are almost always members of committees as well and form an essential link between the Board and these committees. It is an interesting and very rewarding role. Our chair is Geoff McEvoy; Michael McKenna is the vice chair and Company Secretary, and Mary Conway is our Treasurer.

Our committees are:

The SCA is affiliated to Muintir na Tíre and as such Skerries Community Association is affiliated to Muintir na Tíre and as such has the use of the charitable status number CHY 6865. See affiliation document:

Affiliation to Muintir na Tire

Would you like to be an active part of the SCA or one of our committees? Follow the links to the committees in the list above and see what they do & how you could get involved.


This page was last updated on 26 June 2014.